Public Mobile Rewards Rules 📜

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These are the rewards rules as found on Public Mobile’s website in December 2023.


Reward Rules

At Public Mobile, we don’t stop at affordable phones and plans. We believe in Rewards that let you save, earn and win!

How do I access My Rewards? Public Rewards has a new home – My Rewards. Simply sign in using your My Account information, to learn more about Rewards, check your balance, and view your redemption options.

Why are there two Rewards programs? As part of our Rewards refresh, we introduced a new rewards program – Public Points! Customers who join after Jan 25, 2022 will automatically have access to Public Points. For customers who joined prior to Jan 25, 2022, you’ll have the choice to stay with the old Public Rewards or join Public Points at any time. Just head over to My Rewards, and select “Join Public Points” from the menu.

Public Points

Public Points is our newly improved rewards program. Sure, we loved our old Public Rewards, but in our endless pursuit of making things better for our customers, we’ve given it a makeover. With Public Points, there are more ways to earn and spend rewards, making the program more flexible than before. Now you can earn and spend points how you want, when you want. You’re in control.

Ways to earn: With Public Points, earning points is so easy, customers can do it just by saying, “I’m in.” And that’s actually one of the ways they can earn points – by joining Public Points. There are a lot of other ways they can earn, too.

Ways to EarnPoints EarnedHow do I earn it?When do I receive it?
Welcome Present5 pointsAs a little welcome present for joining Public Points, we’ll give you 5 points.Your Welcome Present will be added after we’ve set up your profile, you’ve signed into My Rewards, and you’ve accepted the Terms & Conditions
Points Back5% back for every dollar spentEarn points just by paying your bill. For every dollar you spend (on your plan and on add-ons), you’ll make 5% of it back in points. Spend away!Within 48 hours of your spend
Anniversary Points10 pointsFor every twelve months you stay with us, you’ll earn 10 points. Think of it like an anniversaryOn your Anniversary date
Give Back1-20 pointsEarn up to 20 points every 30 days by asking questions, helping others and voicing your opinion on the Public Mobile Community.Community standings are released the first week of the following month, and Give Back points are added within 48 hours
Refer-a-Friend1 point every 30 days / active friend you referredRefer a friend to Public Mobile, and you’ll receive one point for every 30 days your friend stays with us. Your friend will also receive a one-time $10 credit when they use your referral code. Note: your referral code can be found on your My Rewards homepage.Every 30 days from your renewal date

Customers on the Old Public Rewards program will receive an additional one-time points when they join Public Points:

Ways to EarnPoints EarnedHow do I earn it?When do I receive it?
Loyalty Perks1 point / month of tenureYou’ll earn 1 point for every month you’ve been with Public MobileYour Loyalty Perks will automatically be added after we’ve set up your My rewards

Ways to redeem: Public Points is based on, well, points (hence the name), but we don’t make you calculate complex formulas in order to figure out their rewards’ worth. We’ve actually made it pretty simple, because keeping it simple is what we do best. 1 point earned is valued at 1 dollar when redeemed. Really, that’s it.

Catalogue ItemPoints CostDescriptionWhen do I receive it?
Lower Your Bill15 pointsBy spending 15 easily-earned points, customers can save $15 in hard-earned cash off of the price of their phone bill.This will be applied to your next renewal
Add Some ExtrasVariesWe’ve got plenty of add-ons for varying amounts of points. Roaming? Add-on a little. Long distance minutes? Add-on some more. Extra data? Add-on a whole lot! It’s entirely up to you. For a full list of add-ons, click hereAdd-ons will be added immediately. In rare cases, it may take a few hours to appear in your account. If you haven’t received your add-on, please contact us for support.
Jackpot1 pointEnter our contests for a chance to win some exciting prizes. Contest details vary, but we’ll send you an email with all the details whenever we launch new ones.Contest winners will be contacted soon after contests close.
Old Public Rewards

Old Public Rewards is available to customers who activated before January 25, 2022. Summary of available Rewards:

  • Loyalty Reward: $1/30 days for each year you’re with us, up to $5/30 days.
  • Authorized Payment Reward: $2/30 days.
  • Refer a Friend: $1/30 days for each friend you refer – plus, your friend receives a one-time credit of $10.
  • Community Reward: up to $20/30 days.

How Many Rewards Can I Earn? You can earn up to your current plan value in Rewards, reducing it to $0. Once you reach the value of your plan, you will not be able to accumulate any further Rewards in that plan period, and you will not be able to save Rewards and apply them to future months.

When Are Rewards Applied To My Account? Here are some things you should keep in mind about our Rewards program:

  • All earned Rewards are applied to your account on your plan renewal date, before your payment is processed.
  • There are exceptions to the above statement:
  • Community Rewards are reviewed between the 1st and 6th of every month, and applied to your account after the review period on your payment due date. If your payment due date is during the review period, your Rewards will be applied on your next payment due date.
  • If you’ve changed your plan prior to your current plan renewal date, you will receive your Reward credits after you have paid for the new plan, within approximately 24 hours. Rewards will be applied normally from then on.
  • If you set up authorized payments at activation, your first Authorized Payment reward will be automatically credited to your My Account after activation. After that, you will receive an Authorized Payment reward at each renewal date before payment is processed.
  • Based on the Rewards you have earned in your previous plan cycle, up to four different credits (one per Reward type) will be applied to your account the night of your payment due date.
  • If your account is deactivated and you have unused Rewards on it, those Rewards will be lost.
Ways to Earn
RewardEarnHow do I earn it?Other Details
Authorized Payment Reward$2 per 30 days ($6 per 90 days for our 90 day legacy plans)Set up authorized paymentsN/A
Loyalty Reward$1 per 30 days for every 12 month tenureOn the first plan renewal date, after 12 months of tenure as a Public Mobile member, you will begin to earn a recurring Loyalty Reward. Regardless of what plan you are on, your tenure will continue to accumulate as long as your account remains active. After 1 year, you will earn $1 per 30 days. After 2 years, you will earn $2 per 30 days.If your account is in a suspended state for more than 60 days in a year, your Loyalty Reward will be delayed by the amount of days your account was suspended. You will accumulate Loyalty Rewards up to a maximum of $5 per 30 days after 5 years.
Give Back$1-20 every 30 daysEarn up to $20 per 30 days by asking questions, helping others and voicing your opinion on the Public Mobile Community.The amount you are rewarded depends on your contribution level relative to overall contribution, which can change month to month even if you contribute very consistently. You can only ever qualify for one (1) Community Reward in a 30-day period, and you must act in accordance with Community Terms of Service at all times. You can read our Community Terms of Service here.
Refer-a-Friend$1 every 30 days / active friend you referredRefers a friend to Public Mobile, and you’ll receive $1 for every 30 days your friend stays with us. Your friend will also receive a one-time $10 credit when they use your referral code. Note: your referral code can be found on your My Rewards homepage.Every 30 days from your renewal date
Who Can Earn Rewards?

To be eligible to earn Rewards, you must have: 1 – A Rewards-eligible plan:

  • All in-market plans as of January 27, 2015, with the exception of 10-day plans, are eligible for Rewards. Plans offered between May 9, 2014 and January 26, 2015 are not eligible. 2 – An active account:
  • Your account must be active and in good standing to earn and use Rewards. It cannot be in a suspended or deactivated status. For example: if you earn Rewards and immediately go into a suspended state because of a late payment, you will not be able to use your Rewards until you have made that payment.
  • Your Community account must use the same email address as your My Account in order to receive Community-related rewards. If your My Account and Community email addresses are not the same, learn how to update your Community email address here.
Considerations For Rewards-Ineligible Customers
  • Customers who are on a Legacy / Pioneer or 10-day plan not eligible for Rewards. If you are a Legacy / Pioneer customer and switch to a Rewards-eligible plan, please note:
  • Rewards will not be applied retroactively: Rewards will only be earned from the date you switched to an eligible plan.
  • Your tenure began when you first activated with Public Mobile. For instance, if you joined 3 years ago on a Legacy plan, and switch to a Rewards-eligible plan, your Loyalty Reward will begin at $3 or 3pts per 30 days.
  • Referral Rewards are not retroactive. Only referrals made after switching to a Rewards-eligible plan will be counted.
Other Reward Rules

Public Mobile reserves the right to change all Rewards at its sole discretion and without advance notice. The Community Reward offer is subject to the reservation rights of Moderation as described in the Community Terms of Service.



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