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Kevin Pickens

Market Development Manager, Toronto

I recently switched over to Public Mobile and the process was so easy. 

The network is the best in the country, and the price as well!

I would definitely recommend Public Mobile if you’re looking for a simple cell phone.

Kevin Pickens choose Public Mobile

What they say about Public Mobile

Very happy with the GREAT rates we've gotten since I switched over to Public Mobile.
Being able to manage everything by myself is great!

No contract, no surprise bill (looking at you, VirginMobile!) is awesome!
Thank you for everything,

Richard Robertson

Richard Robertson got $10 credit on sign up with Public Mobile

We couldn't be more thrilled that we made the switch to Public Mobile.
The transition from Rogers was smooth and we are thoroughly impressed with the network reliability and great price.

Philip Seaman

Philip Seaman got $10 credit on sign up with Public Mobile

We have 4 lines in our house and everyone has been loving Public Mobile.
We use over 30gb/month and the 3G data speed is NOT an issue, at all.
We really appreciate Public Mobile's price.
We like them and will continue to use and recommend their product.
Sara Gooding

Sara Gooding got $10 credit on sign up with Public Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions!

Your referral code is QEEXZ2.  Copy-paste it! Then, follow this link to activate!

Don’t call Fido (or your current service provider).

Get a new Public Mobile SIM card, and activate it.

When doing the activation, you’ll be asked if you want to:
A. have a new phone number.
B. Keep your old phone number, by transferring it from your current provider. Choose this option.

How long does it take for your phone number to be transfered?
Once you’ve activated your SIM, it could take anywhere from a few minutes, to a couple hours.
If it’s been 24 hours, there’s a problem.

eSIM is currently free (as of September 2023).

Regular price: $5
New activations only, for now.

PM says they’ll eventually allow existing customers to transfer to eSIM.

Use the referral code QEEXZ2 to get $10 credit! Follow this link to activate your SIM card;

If you’re signing up for Public Mobile and need a referral code, use QEEXZ2 to get a $10 bill credit.

Sometimes, Public Mobile has promotions where it is $25.


Since July 2022, you can only buy Public Mobile SIMs from:

  • Public Mobile Online
  • Telus and Koodo corporate stores (good luck finding those.. most locations are owned by a third-party, and thus not “corporate”)

Ordering online will usually get you the card within a couple days!

Fastest online is Amazon ( usually 5$ ):

Public Mobile also sells them online 10$ :

Or if you’re looking to buy in a store;

The regular price is $10.
However, Public Mobile has promotions, from time to time, where they sell it $5.

Because there is no call center, the savings are passed on to the customer. 

Overall, Public Mobile offers some of the lowest rates because they are web-based and have no retail locations of their own.

We also like being able to manage the account online without having to wait on hold.

Public Mobile has great coverage in Canada!

They use the Telus / Bell network. 

There are 3 speed tiers:

3G: Max 3 megabits/second
4G/LTE: Max 100 megabits/second
5G: Max 250 megabits/second

I recommend 4G/LTE for most people!

Public Mobile is simply awesome in that it becomes inexpensive! 

These days, people pay roughly $55 monthly for a phone line with data. Well, that’s over 660 $ per year!

Public Mobile is way cheaper, for the same features!

  1. Earn up to 20 points by helping someone in the Public Mobile Community.
  2. Talk to your friends about PM and get $1/mo off for every friend you refer! Share your link with them:’s say you refer 20 friends, you get $20 off per month, every month! Awesome!

Sometimes! Public Mobile has a promotion where they increase the amount from $10 to $25, which is great! 
We’ll be sure to let you know when that happens!

Fido’s program is only a one-time credit. They’ll give you $25 or so, and then that’s it!

Public Mobile’s program gives you recurring credits, which is a lot better, because you’ll still have the credits years later.

Also, with Fido’s program, you need to satisfy a bunch of conditions, making the program not interesting.

Generally, there are no promo codes for Public Mobile.

Instead, there are differently timed promotions, to which you sign up by submitting your email.

The only code that may be required is the friend referral code.

When new customers use the friend referral code during activation of new account, they receive $10 credit within 72 hours.

The referer will get ongoing $1 per month credit as long as new customer stays with PM.

Information about Public Mobile

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