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Last updated July 20, 2024


Deal 1 ✨ $20 for 2GB on 4G/LTE *new activation only

Deal 2 🌟 $23 for 6GB on 4G/LTE *new activation only

Deal 3 🌟 $29 for 30GB on 4G/LTE *new activation only

Deal 4 ⚡ $34 for 50GB on 5G

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Want the best Public Mobile Phone Plan? to get efficient customer service.v3

How to get efficient Public Mobile Customer Service

How do rewards work?

public mobile points accumulation
Welcome Gift 5 points

Get 5 points when you sign up with Public Mobile!

What you spend 5 % in points

Example: If you spend $40 for your plan, you'll get 2 points (for each payment!)

Loyalty 10 points

Get 10 points for every year you stay with Public Mobile - not cumulative

Refer-a-Friend 1 point

Get 1 point per friend per month, whenever you refer a friend to Public Mobile - this is cumulative! 5 friends = 5 points every months

Community Contribution up to 20 points

Earn up to 20 points every 30 days by asking questions, helping others and voicing your opinion on the Public Mobile Community
points for cash bill credit

15 Points gives you $15 credit on your bill!

We are working on an article describing how to drastically reduce the monthly payment using rewards!

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Kevin Pickens
Market Development Manager, HCLTech Toronto​

I recently switched over to Public Mobile and the process was so easy. 

The network is the best in the country, and the price as well!

I would definitely recommend Public Mobile if you’re looking for a simple cell phone.

Kevin Pickens​
kevin pickens chooses public mobile for mobile service

What they say about Public Mobile​

Very happy with the GREAT rates we've gotten since I switched over to Public Mobile.
Being able to manage everything by myself is great!

No contract, no surprise data bill (looking at you, VirginMobile!) is awesome!
Thank you for everything,

Richard Robertson

philip seaman got $10 credit on sign up with public mobile promo code.v2

We couldn't be more thrilled that we made the switch to Public Mobile.

The transition from Rogers was smooth and we are thoroughly impressed with the network reliability and great price.

Philip Seaman

sara gooding got $10 credit on sign up with public mobile referral code.v2

We have 4 lines in our house and everyone has been loving Public Mobile.
We use over 30gb/month and it's been very reliable.

We really appreciate Public Mobile's price.
We like them and will continue to use and recommend their product.

Sara Gooding

Frequently Asked Questions!​

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Limited time offer. $10 value per SIM card!

You should receive the SIM card from Public Mobile, within a week or two.

Max quantity 3 per address or family. Please, no abuse.
We only ship to addresses in Canada. 

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