How does Public Mobile Customer Service work?

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So you need to reach Customer Service.

You need to transfer your phone number. You paid your bill, yet your phone isn’t working. Or other.


How to get help FAST:

(trust me on this)   just ask the robot.

1. Go to:

2. Click “Chat with SIMon”

3. Just tell the robot what you want, and you’ll be guided to the right solution.

If you need to transfer your phone number to Public, just type “transfer my phone number”. You’ll be guided.

If your phone has no reception, type “my phone has no reception”.

If your problem is complex

There’s a big community just waiting to help you;

Yes, you will need to register first. Then post a description of your problem, and what you want.

Users and moderators will see your post, and will respond.

A little patience and determination pays off! 

Read more about the advantages of Public Mobile, and how it is different.

Cassandra Nolin
Cassandra Nolin

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Cassandra Nolin

Hello, my name is Cassandra Nolin.
I love to use technology to save money.

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