How is Public Mobile different and is that a good thing?

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People often ask me about Public Mobile and why I am with them. What are the advantages and the disadvantages?


For most people, the biggest issue is the lack of customer service over the phone.
Everyone has come to expect service over the phone.

But what if I told you that you could get all the support you need in an online portal?

Sort of like when everyone simply went from faxing documents to emailing over the internet. 

And, because you there’s no call center or agent to pay, you pay less (compared to the big carriers Rogers, Bell, etc).

That’s right, Public Mobile support is done thru the community forum

This actually has many advantages;

The second issue that people could have an issue with is the data speed. And I say “could” very lightly, because really, it’s a non-issue. 3 megabits/second will satisfy the most demanding of users. At that speed, you can stream YouTube at 720 resolution. And of course, you can check your email, browse the internet, etc.

And it’s actually an LTE signal, with the speed capped at 3mbps. So you get the good low latency of LTE (which is perfect for doing VoIP calls, should you want to).

Want more details on how Public Mobile is different? See How does Public Mobile work?

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